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Innovate 2.0

  • Hear from industry experts such as Waitrose and Iceland
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21st-24th March 2022

An inspiring, virtual conference

Get ready to transform your Innovation success

Since 2013, Vypr has learned, along with our clients, that the only sustainable and profitable way to grow the consumer goods industry today, ready for tomorrow, is to adopt a wholly new approach to innovation.

Innovate 2.0 is here to inspire just that throughout the industry - innovation for the future.

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Innovation 2.0 is the combination of new and emerging technology, data-driven decision making and agile management practices.

Empowering every function in the development process to succeed.

Innovate 2.0 is the focal point of our combined experiences.

Bringing the Innovation community together to discuss, learn, and take away real-world solutions to the challenges we face.

Ideate and pursue only the winning ideas.

Turn good ideas into great products.

Maximise impact with the available resources.

Reduce the impact of CPG Innovation on our planet.

Make Better Products, Faster.

The future of Innovation

Industry Insight

Drawn from leading brands, service providers, and industry experts - our speakers share real world experiences of Innovation 2.0.

Each has a unique and relevant story to tell that will change how you view and implement Innovation in your business.



Partner & Head of Product Innovation



Head of Development



Author of the Choice Factory



Retail Entrepreneur and founder



Head of Growth



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Create Possibilities Ltd


discovering innovation 2.0


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to help the CPG sector reduce waste and create better products, faster

21st March 2022

Why Innovation 2.0?

Innovation 2.0 The future of CPG Innovation. We layout in clear terms the methods and benefits of adopting a new approach, but crucially HOW these fit with the realities of today’s industry.

  • Welcome and Introduction 08.45 – 09.00

    Ben Davies - Vypr, Founder

  • The Morecambe & Wise Approach to Innovation 09.00 – 09.45

    Bill Harte - Co-Author of the Agile Innovation Playbook

    Not to be missed:

    • The successful combination of Agile and traditional organisations.
    • How to integrate Agile Innovation outputs with Stage-Gate processes.
    • Managing innovation with an agile mindset.
  • Intelligent Innovation. 5 ways to make better NPD decisions 09.45 – 10.30

    Ben Davies - Vypr, Founder

    Not to be missed:

    • Embracing data 
    • Jobs to be done 
    • Commercial reality 

22nd March 2022

Innovation 2.0 in action

Calling on major retailers we learn what impact significant market changes are having on their business, what they are doing differently, their successes and future plans.

  • Welcome and Introduction 08.45 – 09.00

    Ben Davies - Founder, Vypr

  • The Evolution of Innovation 09.00 – 9.45

    Dave Lennox - Head of Development, Iceland

    Not to be missed:

    • Product innovation at Iceland.
    • Using customer insights.
    • Your Routes to market.
    • There is no such thing as Business as usual.
  • Innovation Thinking at Waitrose 09.45 – 10.30

    Emma Beale - Partner & Head of Innovation, Waitrose

    Not to be missed:

    • How our approach to the pandemic helped restructure and redesign for the future.
    • End to end approach to Innovation – it is not just the product.
    • Innovation is risky, stagnation is lethal.
    • What’s next for food innovation?

23rd March 2022

The science of Innovation 2.0 ​

Science and technology are changing how we approach CPG innovation. Learn how previously inaccessible techniques and tools are now within reach and the benefits you can expect from their use.

  • Welcome and Introduction 08.45 – 09.00

    Ben Davies - Founder, Vypr

  • Applying Behavioural Science to Product Development 09.00 – 09.45

    Richard Shotton - Author, The Choice Factory​

    Not to be missed:

    • Behavioural science is the most relevant topic for anyone interested in product development.
    • Understanding how customers really behave and why this is important to Innovation.
    • The most pertinent experiments and simple frameworks you can use.
    • Evidence- it’s nuances and most importantly the practical implications.
  • Innovation and Revenue Management with AI 09.45 – 10.30

    Ingo Reinhardt - Founder, Buynomics

    Not to be missed:

    • Innovate or die - separating the hype from substance.
    • Major trends impacting CPGs.
    • The consequences of global changes on revenue management and pricing.

24th March 2022

Weekly Round-Up and Live Panel Discussion

Vypr founder Ben Davies hosts a panel of industry leaders to answer your questions and assist you with implementing Innovation 2.0 in your business.

  • Weekly Round-Up 08.45 – 09.00

    Ben Davies, Vypr Founder

  • Live Panel Discussion 09.00 – 09.45

    Don’t miss talking with your expert panel:

    • Emme Beale – Head of Product Innovation, Waitrose
    • Ben Davies – Founder at Vypr
    • Bill Harte – Founder Create Possibilities Ltd
    • David Lennox- Head of Development, Iceland
    • Ingo ReinHardt – Founder, Buynomics 
    • Paul Hanke - Head of Growth, Buynomics
    • Richard Shotton – Author, The Choice Factory

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We've come together with leading experts from Waitrose, Iceland, and more, to spark the movement for the future of innovation, with this exciting Virtual Conference.

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